Tonight is for lovers

Today Hallmark tells us we should cuddle with our loved ones, buy dozens of roses and stuff our faces with expensive chocolates. Aeki Tuesday doesn't practice this "holiday" but we do appreciate the impetus. John Donne said it best

Now thou hast loved me one whole day,

To-morrow when thou leavest, what wilt thou say?

Wilt thou then antedate some new-made vow?

Or say that now

We are not just those persons which we were?

Or that oaths made in reverential fear

Of Love, and his wrath, any may forswear?

Or, as true deaths true marriages untie,

So lovers' contracts, images of those,

Bind but till sleep, death's image, them unloose?

Or, your own end to justify,

For having purposed change and falsehood, you

Can have no way but falsehood to be true?

Vain lunatic, against these 'scapes I could

Dispute, and conquer, if I would ;

Which I abstain to do,

For by to-morrow I may think so too.

Peasant will be playing tonight at Sin-e. Lovely quiet songs not of the Hallmark variety will serenade you. Peasant may or may not buy you a dozen roses or expensive chocolates but thine ears will appreciate the beau geste.