My mini-blog

The premise is this: you create an avatar. Apparently, myGSL rules and regulations dictate that all avatars must have a giant torso, tight jeans, a translucent peasant shirt and a haircut like Ashton Kutcher or Tidus from Final Fantasy X. (The gay SimLife is also suspiciously devoid of females as well, because this virtual parallel universe wasn't awkwardly uncomfortable enough already. But that's a different weblog post.) From there, you wander into "virtual hotSPOTs," or as we called it back in 1996, chat rooms, and engage in sexual relations with other avatars that look just like your avatar, except he might be wearing a wife beater, a tie with a sleeveless shirt or have purple hair. (All the avatars seem to have that same weird large-eye, anime-style stare, though. I wonder if they're looking directly at you while they're "doing it." Wow, that's uncomfortable.)

For all my sarcasm, though, I will give MyGSL the benefit of the doubt - it seems that they're not just a marketing ploy and reaching towards the gay community:

One of the chat rooms hotSPOTs is a recreation of the Castro Theatre. Which is just like being at the Castro Theatre, except there are no independent, thought-provoking classic movies playing at its virtual counterpart. Also, it's just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure the guy serving me popcorn doesn't long, fire red hair and have devil horns. But I do live in the suburbs now, and that's just an assumption.

myGSL Weddings - "Officiated by myGSL Citizens, and witnessed by all - pledge your love to your partner in an actual online ceremony!" Aah, good times. Live in one of the eleven states that banned same-sex marriage? Well, thank god for the Internet.

Did I mention that it costs $29.95 a month? That's right, instead of actually playing EverQuest online for half the price, you could spend twice as much watching your avatar engage in virtual homosexual simulated sex acts in front of what looks like Level 2 of Double Dragon for the Nintendo Entertainment system.

God, I'm cattier than usual today. I need a cigarette.